BTW Vesper Martini

25ml London Dry
25ml Vodka
25ml Lillet Blanc
7.5ml BTW Tonic Syrup
5ml Becherovka (if you can find it)
or Jagermeister
5ml Grenadine

Shake all ingredients hard with ice
Double strain into coupette






BTW Grapefruit Martini

25ml Old Tom Gin
25ml Aperol
50ml Freshly squeezed Grapefruit juice
15ml BTW syrup

Mix all ingredients in a boston, shake hard
Double strain into a cocktail glass

(if using London Dry add 5ml sugar syrup)







Cheats Tonic Collins

50ml London Dry
30ml BTW Cloudy Lemon Syrup
Half a freshly squeezed Lemon

Mix all Gin, BTW & Soda in a tall glass
Mix well with ice
Squeeze over Lemon juice










Raspberry Tonic

50ml London Dry
25ml BTW Syrup
6 Raspberries
Dash of Fraimboise

Muddle raspberries with framboise
Add Gin, BTW & Ice
Shake hard, strain over fresh ice in tall glass
Top with Soda