Hand crafted in the heart of London to a traditional Victorian recipe, BTW is an amber coloured, all-natural Tonic Water

The story of BTW begins in London Gin bar‘214 Bermondsey’. Nick Crispini, owner, set out to bring the widest array of Gins from the world’s best distilleries to the Capital. However, he & fellow gin lover Lawrence Mason found that the diversity of the Gins on offer was often being obscured by the overpowering taste of most commercial Tonics.  So Nick & Lawrence decided to do something about it. The result is BTW; A smooth, crisp tasting mixer with none of the cloying bitter-sweetness of other tonics.

Quality Spirits are made using raw & natural ingredients
So should your soft drinks

The key difference with BTW is that Quinine is extracted straight from South American Cinchona bark using heat & water. In contrast other tonic makers use extracts. The bark is bleached , leaving the characteristic clear mixer people have become used to.  

The BTW process of soaking the bark in small batches to extract the Quinine  may take a little longer but it's well worth the wait. Not only does it avoid all those unnatural nasties but also produces a well balanced, clean & crisp flavour. 

BTW has no other botanicals added; this prevents your palette becoming confused. Any spirit you choose to mix with BTW becomes the star of the show!

With a G&BTW you are enjoying a stimulating celebration of the true Gin spirit …the way gin intended...

…oh & By The Way, BTW stands for Bermondsey Tonic Water. 

'...[BTW] tastes amazing & is miles better than the alternative'
The Guardian

BTW is available as a ready to drink tonic water and also as an undiluted Tonic Syrup. 


BTW: The Way Gin Intended
25ml BTW Tonic Syrup
50ml Gin
100ml-150ml Carbonated Water (to taste)
Mix ingredients over ice in a tall glass.
Add syrup last so it bleeds through the drink...

25ml Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
20ml BTW Syrup
Mix all ingredients over ice. Stir until frosted.
This isn't a Negroni it's D'Groni

BTW Spritz
35ml Aperol
5ml London Amaro
1 Slice of Lemon
1/2 Bottle of BTW Tonic Water
Mix Aperol & Amaro over ice in a tall glass. Finish with Tonic Water & a squeeze of lemon. Summer in a glass, Great to batch make as a punch,

The Jewel in The Crown
25ml Gin
25ml Aperol
25ml BTW Tonic Syrup
50ml Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice
Mix ingredients in a Boston Tin with plenty of ice. Shake hard. Double strain into a coupette. Sweet, sharp & zesty

Rusty Spoons
35ml Gin
35ml BTW Tonic Syrup
Squeeze of Lime
Dash of Bitters
Serve up over ice. Just like they would have done way back when.

BTW...it's a Vesper
40ml Gin
20ml Vodka
5ml Lillet Blanc
5ml BTW Tonic Syrup
5ml Becherovka
3ml Grenadine
Add all ingredients into a boston tin & shake with plenty of ice.
Shake hard. Double strain into a coupette.

The name's Tonic, Bermondsey Tonic.