Bermondsey Tonic Water is a traditional style tonic water based on a 19th century recipe. 

Carefully balanced to enhance the flavour of whatever you choose to mix it with, Bermondsey Tonic Water is the UK's first tonic syrup and is to be carbonated with soda. This means that the tonic water is as fresh as possible when you receive it and you can control the strength of your drink.  


BTW This is how you do it, baby!

Of course every Gin drinker has their own preference when mixing a G&T but this is what we recommend as a starting point when it comes down to mixing one with Bermondsey Tonic Water.

Nice glass full of ICE
1 Part Syrup
2 Parts Gin
6 Parts Soda

We recommend a single shot (25ml) of syrup per G&T. Working to this amount your bottle of tonic syrup will yield around 20 servings of traditional tonic. Good for space in your fridge and less space in your wallet.

BTW: we also make a Bitter Lemon

Bitter Lemon is essentially tonic water with added lemon. Here at BTW we have found that commercially available are either far too sweet or too bitter. What we have created is something that resembles a cloudy lemonade but with all the bitterness associated with a tonic water, a cloudy lemon tonic if you will.


BTW: Cloudy Lemon Tonic is to be mixed in the same way as Bermondsey Tonic Water. It is also great as a do it yourself soft drink for the kids.